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FDA and Improving Food Safety

Posted: 10/31/2023
The FDA has been working to have a larger focus on creating a more “modernized, effective foods program at the US Food and Drug Administration focused on preventing food-borne illness outbreaks and other food safety risks.” Since about 80% of all food consumed in the US falls under FDA regulation, the push for policy education, improving transparency, and....

How one New England grocery chain is combatting food waste

Posted: 02/10/2023
As members of the food and beverage industry, food waste is always a big concern – and not just because our food costs go through the roof when we have to compost or throw it away. It also important to remember our role in they physical results of this if we’re not composting. Landfills are filling up quickly, and....

2022 FDA Food Code

Posted: 01/06/2023
The 2022 Food Code was released at the end of December 2022, and with it come a number of changes to the previous iteration (2017 Food Code). These changes are the current recommendation as of January 2023, but any changes to the ServSafeŽ curriculum and exam have yet to be announced. Major updates have a lot to do with terminology....

Third Party Delivery Services and Food Safety

Posted: 12/14/2022
Ordering food for third party delivery is a continually growing part of the modern food industry. Utilization of Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, private delivery services, not to mention the massive rise of ghost kitchens solely for food delivery, there are infinite options available for our customers. While we are all making sure food is kept safe in our kitchens by....

Traceability under the Food Safety Modernization Act

Posted: 11/18/2022
On Tuesday November 15th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the “additional traceability recordkeeping requirements” that had been finalized “for those that manufacture, process, pack, or hold certain foods, including fresh leafy greens, nut butter, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and ready-to-eat deli salads.” By working with entities that produce, harvest, store, and ship the above items....

The Struggle to Reduce Food Waste

Posted: 11/04/2022
"In the United States, the single largest volume of material sent to landfills and incinerators comes from food waste." Why is there so much? It's a multi-layered question, with even more layers when we try and answer it, and the New York Times recently dove in trying to lay out the data and global efforts being taken....

Food Boards: Boom or Bust

Posted: 10/20/2022
Food boards, while having their moment on social media, are not a new invention. We’ve had charcuterie boards for centuries, and whether it’s a simple set up for two or a giant grazing table for hundreds, serving food this way allows us to socialize as we enjoy it – this is one of the key points to their....

Food Waste and Sustainability

Posted: 10/05/2022
In today’s blog, I wanted to highlight an article about food sustainability and creativity. The future of food and food production is a topic that affects all of us in the industry, as well as how we’ll tackle the problems associated with it. At the end of September, released an article highlighting the ethos and ingenuity....

A Focus on Allergen and Alcohol Safety

Posted: 09/28/2022
The final week of National Food Safety Month highlights two major food safety categories: food allergen awareness and responsible alcohol service. Food allergens are an important part of the Food Protection Manager class; we talk about the major allergens, as well as how to safely prepare and serve food to our customers with allergies! Responsible alcohol service is....

"Don't Cook Chicken in NyQuil" -- FDA, 9/15/22

Posted: 09/21/2022
Back in August we posted on our Facebook page about Pink Sauce, a condiment promoted and sold on Tik Tok with no FDA oversight. Once again, the FDA has had to issue warnings over a major food safety concern: people cooking chicken in NyQuil, and promoting what they call "sleepy chicken" on Tik Tok and other social media platforms....
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