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Paper Sensors and Food Expiration

Posted: 08/21/2017
Researchers at Clarkson University are working on a paper sensor that changes color when food spoils. This technology would eliminate use-by dates and best-by dates. To read the full article from Futurism, please click here. ....

Fish Consume Plastic Because of Smell

Posted: 08/17/2017
Research has revealed that fish consume plastic because it smells similar to their food source. This could have serious consequences for the ocean food chain. Click here to read the article for EcoWatch. ....

08-16-17 Weekly Newsletter

Posted: 08/16/2017
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08-15-17 Class Feedback

Posted: 08/15/2017
"I just wanted to send you an email letting you know how enjoyable and educational your class was. I was nervous about taking the class due to not being able to retain a lot of information at once. You provided the class with a lot of valuable information, and the way you taught the class with the repetitive questions....

Salmonella Outbreak Update

Posted: 08/15/2017
Click here to read an update on the papaya-related Salmonella outbreak.  ....

5 Apps That Make it Easier to Shop Sustainable

Posted: 08/14/2017
Here are 5 apps that make it easier to find sustainable food choices. Click the link here to read the news article from Forbes.  ....

Moscow Mules Lead to Chemical Contamination

Posted: 08/09/2017
The copper mug used in a Moscow Mule causes chemical contamination. To read the full article about this issue, please click here. ....

08-08-17 Weekly Newsletter

Posted: 08/08/2017
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Ham Recall

Posted: 08/07/2017
Black forest ham recall due to undeclared allergen. Malted barley, a known allergen, was not included on the label. To read the article about this recall, please click here. ....

Food Trend Friday: 5 High-End Foods Gaining Popularity

Posted: 08/04/2017
Check out these five high-end foods foods that are gaining popularity.  ....

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