Grievance Policy

HRFoodSafe wishes to provide a comfortable, productive, legal and ethical learning environment.  To this end, the company wants you to bring any grievances you have about the classroom and services to the attention of your instructor. 

In light of these concerns we have instituted the following grievance procedure;

    • If you feel that there is an inappropriate conduct or activity on the part of the company, vendors, customers, or any other persons or entities related to the company, we request that you bring this concern to the immediate attention of your instructor.  Please try to approach your instructor at a time and place that will allow the instructor to properly listen to your concerns.  Please indicate what the problem is, those persons involved in the problem, and any suggested solution you may have to the problem.
    • If you consider the matter an emergency, legal, ethical or safety issue, use your best judgment to expedite the complain process.  The company may have a conference with you individually to address your concerns.  If the matter is not resolved after that conference, and you believe it still merits attention, it is requested that you immediately place your concerns in writing and submit them to the company for record.
    • It is the purpose of this grievance procedure to help maintain a positive classroom environment with respect and responsibility towards each other.  The company cannot promise that your specific grievance or complaint will result in the action you request or that you will be satisfied with the outcome of the grievance procedure.

Any concerns they can be addressed to us at

NH Department of Education student disclosure - Upon exhausting the grievance policy at HRFoodSafe, students, any student who remains unsatisfied, can contact the Office of Career School Licensing at;

Office of Career School Licensing
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH  03301

Telephone:  603-271-6443

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