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Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella Newport: Red Onions (July 2020)

Posted: 08/19/2020
Outbreak Investigations & Safety Advisories The following is an update from FDA of concern to our subscribers. Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella Newport: Red Onions (July 2020)   Do not eat, sell, or serve recalled onions from Thomson International, Inc. or products containing recalled onions August 18, 2020   The FDA, along with CDC, Canadian, state, and local partners, is....

More people confirmed ill from the E. Coli outbreak associated with romaine lettuce!

Posted: 12/07/2018
The FDA's records show at least 10 distributors, 11 farms and 12 growers are involved with the ongoing E. Coli outbreak. As of December 6th, 52 people across 15 states and 27 people in Canada are confirmed ill. Please visit the link below to read full details of the recall.   E. Coli Outbreak ....

The Salmonellosis Outbreak Continues!

Posted: 11/12/2018
The total as of November 5th is 164 infected people from 35 states and 63% have been hospitalized with one death.  This is a virulent strain highly pathogenic to humans and is a continuing decades old problem.  According to the meat and poultry inspection acts,1.2. these Salmonella strains pathogenic to humans are adulterants but FSIS has....

Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella Outbreak!

Posted: 10/18/2018
As of October 17, 92 people are confirmed infected in a new outbreak of antibiotic-resistant Salmonella traced to raw chicken. FSIS is working with the CDC on the outbreak investigation. Leaders in the chicken industry have been contacted regarding steps they can take to reduce Salmonella contamination. It can take several weeks to confirm Salmonella infections after someone develops symptoms....

Romaine Lettuce is Likely Behind E. Coli Outbreak

Posted: 01/09/2018
  The cause of the E. coli outbreak that has sickened 59 people in the US and Canada is still unknown, but romaine lettuce appears to be the likely culprit. Consumer Reports advises people against consuming romaine lettuce at this time. To read more about the outbreak and to learn about the investigative efforts of the CDC and the FDA....

Food Service Workers and the Hepatitis A Vaccine

Posted: 01/08/2018
  Currently, the CDC does not require food service workers to be vaccinated for the Hepatitis A virus. This is a missed opportunity on the CDC's part to help reduce foodborne illness. In San Diego last year, 577 people were sickened due to Hepatitis A. 20 people died and 396 people were hospitalized. This could have been prevented if....

Nearly 200 Sickened on a Cruise Ship

Posted: 12/12/2017
  Nearly 200 people were sickened due to a foodborne illness outbreak on a cruise ship. Five passengers had to seek medical attention at a hospital once the ship made port. To read the full article, please visit here. ....

Crowdsourcing and Outbreak Prevention

Posted: 12/01/2017
  The website is a place where users can upload information about a food they've eaten that caused a foodborne illness. Through crowdsourcing, has been able to detect foodborne illness outbreaks before health officials. This article from NPR further discusses the impact has had on food safety.  ....

Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Over 200 People

Posted: 09/05/2017
Over 200 people have been sickened with Salmonella after consuming contaminated papaya. To read more about the outbreak, please click here. ....

Salmonella Outbreak Update

Posted: 08/15/2017
Click here to read an update on the papaya-related Salmonella outbreak.  ....
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