Third Party Delivery Services and Food Safety

Posted: 12/14/2022

Ordering food for third party delivery is a continually growing part of the modern food industry. Utilization of Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, private delivery services, not to mention the massive rise of ghost kitchens solely for food delivery, there are infinite options available for our customers. While we are all making sure food is kept safe in our kitchens by following good food practices and having safety certification...what happens when that food heads out the door? Is there anything that we can do to make sure delivery drivers are keeping that food safe in the last few minutes before being handed to our customers?

Some restaurants go so far as to not use delivery services simply because of this concern; for others, business success relies on these third party delivery services to keep the lights on. Take a look at the new guidelines released last week by the FDA, which have a big focus on food safety in those last few moments between our kitchens and our customers' tables.

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