It's National Pie Day!

Posted: 01/23/2019

Did you know pie originally appeared around 9500 BC as a way for the Greeks to preserve the food inside the pastry shell?  The pies were filled with fruit, nuts, fish and meat but the crust was often inedible.  Today, pies are made with a flaky, buttery crust and filled with our favorite fruit or meat and vegetable fillings.  The top ten pies in the United States are 1) Apple, 2) Pumpkin, 3) Chocolate Creme, 4) Cherry, 5) Apple Crumb, 6) Pecan, 7) Lemon Meringue, 8) Blueberry, 9) Key Lime Pie and 10) Peach. Whether you prefer a sweet or savory pie, grab a slice and celebrate the day!  If you bake a homemade pie, please be sure to refrigerate any pies containing milk, eggs or cream within 2 hours of removing it from to the oven to prevent bacteria from growing. 

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