2019 Food Trends

Posted: 01/07/2019

The National Restaurant Association and the American Culinary Federation have released the annual chefs' survey report of culinary trends for 2019. According to the report, the following predictions made the top 10.

Kids Meals- offering more global flavors and dishes in addition to more sliders/mini burgers options

Produce- use of uncommon herbs like chervil, lovage, lemon balm and papalo. Also the use of super fruit like acai, goji berry and mango.

Culinary Concepts- using food scraps to acheive zero-waste cooking; may see an increase in different soup options this year

Global Flavors- increase in North African, West African and Filipino dishes

Condiments- using in house-made and specialty condiments versus pre-made bought items

Grains and Pasta- protein rich grains like chia, quinoa, flax, granola and hemp

Cuisines- globally inspired breakfast dishes, street food inspired dishes and house made pickles

Protein/Meat- new cuts of meat like shoulder tender, oyster steak, merlot cut and plant-based sausages/burgers

Sweets- Thai rolled ice cream and donuts with non-traditional fillings

Non-Alcoholic Beverages- Gazoz which is a spritzer from Israel, craft roasted coffee and house made soda

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