More retail locations disclosed in 6.9 million pound JBS ground beef recall

Posted: 10/12/2018

JBS Tolleson sold the recalled meat to large retail food chains and large retail institutions including schools and hospitals nationwide.  In addition, the country's largest foodservice supplier, US Foods, also purchased the recalled beef.

According to the CDC, at least 57 people in 16 states have been confirmed infected with Salmonella.  The recalled beef was packaged under a variety of names, including Showcase, sold by Walmart and Kroger.  Other brands affected by the recall include Cedar River Farms, Comnor Perfect Choice, Gourmet Burger and Grass Run Farms.  The lists of retail locations and recalled products that received the recalled beef can be viewed by clicking the links below.  FSIS is updating this list as information becomes available.

Retail Location List

Recalled Product List

Recalled Product Photos


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