HRFoodSafe Offers Two HACCP Training Options

Posted: 11/09/2017


At HRFoodSafe, we offer two different Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) course options: the NEHA HACCP Basics for Processors and Manufacturers and the TAP HACCP Managers Certificate. Both courses are very informative and they are ideal options for anyone wishing to get HACCP trained and certified, but let's go into the differences between the two programs to see what fits your establishment's needs best.

The NEHA HACCP Basics for Processors and Manufacturers is an online, self-paced course that covers the HACCP system and its requirements. Students complete the course one learning module at a time and at the end of the module, there is a test. Students have to achieve an 80% or higher to have access to the next module. Once all the modules and tests have been completed, students can download their certificate. 

The TAP HACCP Managers Certificate is an online course as well. Once the online course has been completed, the test has to be taken at a Pearson Vue testing center. The test is 90 multiple choice questions and to receive the TAP HACCP Managers Certificate, students must earn a 75% or higher on the test. 

Below are some commonly asked questions concerning HACCP:

Who needs to get HACCP trained and certified? Generally, food safety team members, quality control personnel, production managers, or anyone who is a food safety trainer or auditor needs to be HACCP trained and certified.

What are some processes that usually require HACCP compliance? Some processes that require HACCP include: canning, jarring, or vacuum-sealing food; smoking or curing food in order to preserve; packaging fresh-squeezed juice for later sale without a warning label; or using vinegar to preserve or alter food so it no longer requires time and temperature control.

Email for more information about the HACCP programs or register for a HACCP course by clicking the register button below. You'll find the HACCP registration form at the bottom of the page.


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